Jet Engine Repair

Your Quick Guide to Aircraft Inspections

Aircraft Inspections: A Quick Guide Aircraft inspections are important to maintain the airworthiness of any aircraft. Read this quick guide for an overview of the aircraft inspection process. Proper aircraft inspections are essential for safety and efficiency. They’re also required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly your plane. A maintained plane has fewer breakdowns and…

Why You Should Choose General Aviation Services Jet Center For All Your Aircraft Needs

CXO’s Original FBO, General Aviation Services Whether you’re a local aviation professional who regularly uses our runways and services or an out-of-state enthusiast passing through town for the first time, we thought we’d remind everyone what we do here at General Aviation Services Jet Center. We are YOUR CXO FBO! General Aviation Services Jet Center…


Customer Appreciation Fly-In at CXO on Veteran’s Day

Come and Join Us for our Customer Appreciation on Veteran’s Day at CXO!   We appreciate you and we want to show it! Come out and join us for our customer appreciations, open house, and Veterans Day Fly-In! Come and join us for Veteran’s Day, Saturday, November 11th! are having a Fly-In at General Aviation…

Growing Career Commercial Pilot

The Shortage Of Pilots: The Growing Career Opportunity

Shortage of Pilots in the U.S.A. means more opportunities for you! The trend about the shortage of pilots in the U.S. is no more a tale to joke about. Pilots shortage will precipitously restrict the options of future air travel for consumers as airlines are forced to reduce service on, or drop some routes entirely…

Top Off Tuesday

Top Off Tuesday
Join us every Tuesday for top off Tuesday! Bring your plane and top off the fuel and get a 20 cents off each gallon! Whether you are looking for AV gas or looking for Jet A fuel, we can help you!

Ask about our Jet A Fuel Volume discounts available!