Cessna172 PhotoSo you are ready for the next step in your pilot training, an Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating will allow a pilot to fly an appropriately equipped aircraft through certain types of weather and give you the skills to land with lower clouds and visibility. An Instrument Rating requires a Pilot to develop a deeper understanding of weather as well as human factors to form a greater judgement base through training experiences. Additionally, the Instrument Rating will require a Pilot to obtain a new set of skills to navigate their aircraft throughout the national airspace system. Every Pilot who obtains an Instrument Rating is trained to make highly informed decisions and understands that although a flight may be legal to fly, it may not be a flight that should be undertaken for various reasons. An Instrument Rating is required for Pilots considering a career as a Commercial Pilot.

We offer two options for our students. One is the Accelerated Program and the Traditional program.

Our accelerated program is a 7 day program. It is great for those who need or want to get their Instrument Rating in a quick manner. Spend just 7 days with one of our Instructors to obtain the minimum instruction required to obtain an Instrument Rating*. Call 936-960-1717 or contact us today to learn more.

To obtain an Instrument Rating, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Take an Instrument Rating Ground Course through home based or classroom training course
  2. Gain the minimum Flight Hours required by FAA Regulations (FAR 61.65)*
  3. Take and pass the Instrument Rating Ground Exam (requires Instructor sign off to take exam)
  4. Take and pass the Instrument Rating Practical (flight) Exam (requires Instructor sign off to take exam)

*Flight training is completed to proficiency, not to minimums. Your total cost may vary.

Call 936-960-1717 or contact us today to learn more about all of our training opportunities.