Aircraft Commercial TailObtaining a Commercial Pilot Certificate is the entry towards becoming a Professional Pilot. A Commercial Pilot may through additional training be able to fly passengers or freight for hire (airline, air taxi or corporate), tow banners for hire, tow gliders for hire, fly sky divers, fly traffic watch or pipeline patrol flights or become a flight instructor and teach others to fly. A pilot who desires to become a Professional Pilot typically obtains a Commercial Pilot Certificate, then a Flight Instructor Certificate. Commercial Pilots will need to gain flight time experience needed to meet the hiring (insurance) requirements set by companies that offer commercial flying services.

To obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate you must complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain a Class 2 Medical Certificate from a local FAA Designated Medical Examiner (select AME and LOCATION SEARCH)
  2. Take a Commercial Pilot Ground Course through home based or classroom training course (Call 936-960-1717 or visit us today to purchase!)
  3. Gain the minimum Flight Hours required by FAA Regulations (FAR 61 Subpart F)*
  4. Take and pass the Commercial Pilot Ground Exam (requires Instructor sign off to take exam)
  5. Take and pass the Commercial Pilot Practical (flight) Exam (requires Instructor sign off to take exam)

*Flight training is completed to proficiency, not to minimums. Your total cost may vary.